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Good news

Well I went to the doctor on Tuesday. He complimented me on how well I am doing, and also for getting the surgery done sooner rather than later. It seems many people heal from their initial injury then decide not to have surgery until a small twist or movement re-injures the knee and they get the surgery after more damage has been done. So I feel good about that, plus I do have the sense that any small "plant and pivot" move will put me back to square one.

Also the other good news is that I will not need general anesthesia for the procedure, he will do it under spinal, which is a relief. I was also told that surgery does not take me all the way back to how the knee was when I injured it, so I may be walking fairly normally within the first week.

Sheldon and I are going to North Carolina to look at land and properies, we both are drawn there for some reason, and thinking about potential retirement properties. Neither of us knows why we are drawn there, but we both are, so off we go...

Reading some good books- The "Avalon" series by Marion Zimmer Bradley...very special.

I have been sleeping better, feeling more settled within myself and with Sheldon. I can be so utterly swept away by emotions, I cry easily, but maybe don't fight it as much anymore. Realizing I don't have to run, or fight, but I can just "be" and it is all good.
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