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Pain and lonliness

Well, it seems I have the choice of either being in pain or being foggy from vicodin.

Have been doing a lot of reading about ACL injuries, and know that surgery is the best solution for me, either way, I have to recover from this initial injury, then RE recover again after I have surgery. It seems like a long road, but then again, I have no choice.

So today I am trying to deal with the pain with only tylenol, it isn't like I have taken all that much vicodin, I guess I hate the idea of taking ANY. Using ice, and hobbling around about once an hour for a few minutes until I feel the need to put my leg up again. I am continuing the quadriceps exercises, that seems to be the most important thing.

I passed on going to the gym, part of me thinks I am being lazy, on the other hand, the aching is wearing me out. So, I opted to rest and ice.

I feel lonely, it is hard to explain. Sort of like I am here but not here, part of my presence fading into myself. Not having a good day, and don't have the energy to fix it.
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