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ACL injury

Well, the ACL is torn and I will need surgery to repair it. So much for becoming a super skier this season. Surgery is scheduled for February 20.

The good news is that as a result of the injury, and to prepare for the upcoming surgery, I have been put on an exercise regimen. If I had done this type of exercise PRIOR to skiing, I may not have had the knee injury. Oh well. I have the other knee to take care of, and with the strengthening exercises I will be doing, I will make sure that I do not injure the other one.

I just hope I have some agility for springtime stuff, helping get Lioness ready, etc. Right now I can't kneel on the floor, it is amazing how many things I kneel on the floor to do- put wood on the fire, get my bath ready, folding clothes, getting clothes out of drawers...a silly list, but I miss that ease of movement, I feel clumsy and all my movements have to be so careful. I do hope that between the surgery and conditioning that I can overcome this awkwardness. I did buy a pretty cane- it is covered with butterflies and makes me smile....small moments.

I really liked the surgeon, very personable, focused on knees and getting athletes back into activity. I really don't like the feeling of instability I have whenever I try to use my knee. Today I may try driving a short distance, I will see how the day goes. I am going to the office next week, so I will need to be driving by Monday, even though I am arranging for hand controls on my rental car, I want to be able to drive

My boss was supportive about the injury and upcoming surgery, which is good. I will be staying home for 4 weeks, no travel, so I will need to keep busy with client calls, etc during that time. So, I am feeling good about the job, I plan to take one week off the week of surgery, then work from home the additional 3 weeks. Some of the trips I had scheduled may be able to happen prior to surgery, then I can be in good shape for the heavy spring travel schedule, which includes lots of trips to Tampa, which I am SOOO looking forward to- I haven't seen Sally in over a year! (It is amazing to me, how quickly the last year has passed)

Sheldon is being very supportive, driving me to the doctor, to the gym, to the pharmacy, not babying me even though I feel that I am being somewhat of a baby. He said I am stubborn. But he is good natured and helpful, I strive to accept his wisdom since he has more experience with decreased mobility issues than I do. I tend to be in denial, then a bit angry that I am unable to move. This immobility is NOT something I want to get used to!!!
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