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Children bring out the best and worst of us.

All the hopes and dreams we had for ourselves,and never accomplished, we wish for our children. All the wrong paths we walked, we wish to help our children avoid. It is a shock at first to realize they have to walk their own paths and may actually make many of the same mistakes we made.

My son told me today that I seemed more excited about something in his life than he did. I have to examine what that means, both in terms of my relationship with him and with my own expectations of what is important to me. How do you treat your children with adult respect and yet know they have so much to learn?

I have such a mix of pride, bittersweet memories, anticipation, love and even some regrets when I spend time with my children. At the same time, I know they have the same sorts of emotions, wanting me to be proud of them and happy with who they are.

This week, thrown into the mix has been the Father-son interchange between Sheldon and Carl with another layer of parent-child emotions. It has been alternatively tense and relaxed, although I have tended to be more on the tense side myself since I haven't been feeling well.
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