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I got an interesting communication from a woman I met last year, asking if S and I would be attending an event at New Year's. It turns out she will become engaged that evening. She and her partner are planning to marry next year between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It will be a wedding I hope to attend. She has been out of touch after finding out she has breast cancer and is now undergoing chemo and radiation. It was interesting that she reached out to me, I haven't heard from her in several months.

I have talked with several people here in Baton Rouge who have lost everything all their belongings, including their homes. All the tangible memories of their lives. The population of Baton Rouge has increased which has put a strain on all the services (hospitals, homes, even restaurants). I spoke with a woman today whose childhood home will be bulldozed and burned today, unable to clear away the muck inside, and the building too unstable to save. Many many stories of what happened "after Katrina". And how things were "before Katrina". Interesting how something becomes a defining moment in people's lives.

It appears as though Carl will be living at home for a while, and not going back to college. This will definitely change the household dynamics. I hope it works out for a positive outcome for him.

My job status has improved, perhaps I will be able to change roles in the company so that I can be home more. Meanwhile, I believe the travel will be tolerable. I sure miss being home.
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