lightheart_7 (lightheart_7) wrote,

Giving thanks

I am very grateful to be here, to have the capacity to be given the opportunity to make choices (even difficult ones).

Vacation was huge, I wish I had written down all that happened to us on our journeys, but that will have to wait for another day. Many people have asked me what my "favorite" part of the trip was...which is a difficult question, since each leg of the journey had challenges and delights. But throughout it all, Sheldon was a constant presence, at my side, sharing the joys and frustrations.

Coming home was nice, we had a lovely stress-free Thanksgiving day, relaxing and enjoying the quiet. I got to cook, a small joy that I don't have often with my traveling.

Today, I opened a birthday card from Sally with a disk of family was wonderfully sweet to view them, some memories of the actual events that were photographed, but more memories of the sisters getting together to look at the slides, or trying to get them organized for Dad before he passed away. Pictures of family life, in a place where I was safe and belonged.

That feeling of belonging can be elusive, and it was so taken for granted when I have had it in the past. Now I recognize the actual moments that I feel it, and I am grateful for each of them.

I feel a shift in my perceptions, and due to that I know I will have a shift in the way my life flows. I will try hard not to fight against it and allow myself to gracefully accept what the universe wills.
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