lightheart_7 (lightheart_7) wrote,

Dallas part 2

Sunday, we got up, having decided to go to Austin for the day, with the thought in mind of seeing a couple of different people he knows. He left messages for both and we hit the road for the 3 or so hour drive.

I had a talk with Amy who was upset over her friend's behavior the night before, hopefully gave her some good advice. After we were done talking I noticed the little energy ball sitting buried in S's chest, it was just sitting there. He said he felt a heaviness in his we wondered where this little ball of energy was hitch-hiking to.

We were able to connect with Helen, a lovely woman who offered a list of things that we might like to do. We met for lunch, then went to see an amazing exhibit of Ansel Adams photographs, about 125 of them....mind boggling. A very nice couple of hours.

Next stop, Breckinridge Hospital to visit another friend of his. Hooked up to chemotherapy with a very uplifting story about how he is overcoming cancer. I think the little energy burst hopped off in that room, either way, the weight lifted from S's chest and I didn't see it anymore.

Interesting stuff....
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