lightheart_7 (lightheart_7) wrote,

Anniversary week-end

We had a wonderful, relaxing week-end for our first anniversary.

Started the day by driving tractors:

Then we stopped by Echo Lake where we have some friends who have a vacation cottage built on the rocks. We had a nice visit with lunch from the grill and a glass of nice Chardonnay before we headed out for Lake Tahoe.

After checking into the hotel, I was able to satisfy my urge to roll some dice (and won!). We ended up having dinner at the casino buffet because the better restaurants were all booked, sharing the space with a big wedding party. I wondered if the guests had to pay for their own buffet...

Sunday, we drove around Lake Tahoe, stopping for some pictures. The altitude was rough >7000 feet, I had a hard time catching my breath with ANY exertion. Emerald Bay was breathtaking:

We ended up having lunch at a lovely restaurant outside of Sacramento- I fell in love with the fountain there. I'd love to do something like that in the tasting area at Lightheart Cellars. You aren't even aware that the parking lott is just on the other side of the fountain.

My good friend Bonnie visited Sunday evening, we had dinner at a nice Japanese place near the house, sat around the pool and drank some wine. The hot tub heater was replaced on Saturday, so we were able to have a hot tub for the first time in many months!
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