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Dallas and other woo-woo stuff

I had my typical crappy travel luck on Friday, connections missed due to delays, re-routed, spending waaaay to much time in Newark, arriving late to Dallas, but well worth it all to see S waiting for me as I got off the plane.

Saturday, we decided to travel to the surrounding states of Louisiana, Arkansas and Ohlahoma. We drove due east from Dallas to Shreveport, and on the way decided to stop at a casino...which made me feel good, as I love to play craps, and have been pretty lucky over the years.
We stopped at a casino that was decorated in primary colors, parrots, kind of tropical in a Jimmy Buffett kind of way, and he took $100 out of his wallet and said, "no expectations, see how you do." over 20 years of gambling, I have never lost $100 so fast, it was almost, I said to him, sometimes the luck does not turn until after the first $100... I wasn't that worried about it, but he gave me another $60, so i went to the other craps table...and the SAME THING happened....DAMN!!! We had lunch at the buffet there and hit the road. My only observation being the old expression "lucky in gambling, unlucky in love", and that the "luck" in my life which has always been there for gambling must be following that adage. (smile) And I was feeling more than incredibly lucky, was starting to feel a "flow" within, and having a bit of heightened perceptions.

As we drove north, we talked, I asked questions and he talked, told me about his past, his relationships, different random observations of his life and times. I loved being his audience, loved being there next to him, it was a perfect afternoon, sunny and no cares about anyting but following the road to see where it would lead us. Next thing we knew, we were in Texarkana, a unique area, Texas on one side of the street and Arkansas on the other.

As we went a bit farther north in Arkansas, it became more and more rural. We took a left turn and headed east toward Oklahoma. It got even MORE rural, so much so that there wasn't even a sign when we crossed the border, only subtle road changes, and the change of license plates from Arkansas to Oklahoma.

We stopped for gas at the most ruralest of rural stores, we were so far off the beaten path that the people there seemed almost to be moving in slow motion....had their own special dialect. We had thoughts of "Deliverance" and laughed as we turned south toward Dallas. At one point S said he was feeling a heaviness in his chest, but it subsided...we weren't sure what that was about, but he seemed fine.

Shortly after that, he suddenly pulled over into a "Feed Store and Western Apparel" store...a dusty wooden building next to the road, where he bought me a pair of boots, a hat and a studded belt, all matching, all pink, and very CUTE!!! We left there and I was trying to take pictures of myself in my new hat to send to Amy...I was totally embracing the cowgirl look.

Anyway, soon after we got back on the road, I noticed a little ball of energy hovering over the dashboard in front of "felt" friendly, just kind of along for the ride, and i held it and petted it for a few minutes, then just sort of watched for it, noting when I could see it and when I couldn't. S said that may be the reason we went on our excursion.

So, we made one more stop, S got a really awesome black leather studded belt with square studs (very hot)and a black cotton western shirt with red piping, I got a silky sleeveless blouse, pink yoke and maroon bottom, with black piping, nice matching cowboy "stuff". I was looking forward to wearing the whole outfit out later that evening, also it will be a cute costume for the Halloween party this week-end. And he will look SOOO good in the shirt, and the belt, and boots....yum!

(continued later)
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