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It's better than being poked in the eye with a stick

Yesterday, I poked myself in the eye with a stick. I was parked next to a tree, and when I turned to get something out of my grocery cart, a stick brutally attacked me- poking me in the eye. Fortunately, it missed my cornea and only grazed the conjunctiva. It was bright red for about an hour, then bright pink. My eyeball feels bruised today, and the whole lateral side of my left eyeball is red. I feel lucky it wasn't worse.

I spent several hours shopping yesterday for my birthday dinner, and also picking up stuff for Thanksgiving. Turkey was 40 cents a pound at Walmart, I bought about a 13 pounder. It took me a while to find fresh beets, I finally found them at a local Farmer's Market where most of the signage is in Spanish, but the produce is mostly local and reasonably priced. I roasted the beets last night and we had them late in the evening, as a test of the recipe for my dinner tomorrow.


Assortment of Fine Cheeses
Pinot Grigio

Vegetable Bisque
V. Sattui Sauvignon Blanc

Roasted Beets on a bed of Fresh Spinach
Satori Hallelujah Cabernet Sauvignon - Walla Walla

Baked Ham, au gratin Potatoes and
Green Beans with Caramelized Onions
Clos la Chance Pinot Noir

Assorted Chocolate Treats
Kirigan “Vino de Mocha”
It will be a really fun night.
Tags: birthday, food, wine
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