lightheart_7 (lightheart_7) wrote,

Ahhh the smell of garlic in the morning

Several days this week, when I left the house for work, the wind was blowing from the south. About 5 miles south of us is the Gilroy Foods processing plant. Their biggest product is garlic. Most of the garlic used in the US (as well as lettuce, artichokes and other things) are grown surprisingly near here. It is amazing to see the double trucks of garlic headed to the plant. On some days, the smell of garlic is overwhelming- good thing I like that smell!

I have been getting up early and taking the train with S halfway to work. I leave my car at the station and drive the rest of the way. It is nice to share part of the commute with S, but I am SO not a morning person. I eventually wake up, and feel a bit less grumpy, but I do hate getting up so early. After work, I drive back to the train- we are trying to head straight from the train to the gym before we get home. We are not 100%, but we are doing better at it.

I applied for a position at my local hospital, I had a very successful first round of interviews, next week I meet with senior administration (a panel of 3-4 people). This will cut my commute to 10 minutes!! I feel very good about the new position, and will post more if I get the job. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

We have decided to open a small boutique winery. Right now we are in the planning stages and getting all the legal stuff done. We had our first property inspection by the county. We have written the first several of many more checks for all the permits etc. We have started making wine, not for public sale, but for our own use, so that we can get better at the craft and have a good product. Several of the local wineries have been quite helpful- it is like joining a little family where people are incredibly supportive of each other. The list is VERY long of what we need to accomplish in order to open our tasting room in Spring of 2011, but we are excited and hopeful that things will work out for us to have good wine and a lovely place to share it by then. The name of the winery? Lightheart Cellars of course!

Life is pretty darn good.

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