lightheart_7 (lightheart_7) wrote,

Last Race & knee update

I'll be leaving work in a few minutes for the last Wednesday race of the summer season. This year we have been race committee and not racing, which is fun, but not as fun as sailing. Next year we hope to have a consistent crew and be out sailing these fun races. Being part of the committee has given me a lot more respect for the difficulty of running the races.
There are a couple more week-end races, then a pause until racing starts again in January.

Tomorrow I start a new series of injections in my knee- second generation viscous stuff that has a better success rate than the Orthovisc I was given last year. I had a cortisone shot 2 weeks ago, and I am going to increase the acupuncture to every 2 weeks. I had cut back to monthly because of insurance, but it helps so much that I am willing to pay out of pocket for it.  Last night I actually rode my bicycle around the neighborhood and the knee tolerated it well. My biggest fear was that I would fall and twist my knee, something I will need to overcome.
The weather has been beautiful, cool and breezy. I think that is what Fall is here in the bay area.
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