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I have been doing quite a bit of thinking lately about how my life, and how peoples’ lives in general have changed in the past several years. I think the biggest glaring difference I can see is the use of the internet to meet, to keep in touch, to share, to learn, etc. I see so much communicating from people, much of it very fascinating, that there are days that I am totally on information overload. Baby pictures, travel logs, deep thoughts…. my friends, family and acquaintances run the gamut. I have a breadth of knowledge of people I would otherwise never encounter. But I do wonder if I have sacrificed depth for breadth. Because people don’t necessarily write what they might say to a close friend. And when someone does start to write about how depressed, sad or screwed up they feel, it’s kind of sad too, because those words are being broadcast out to a basically emotionless black hole. Or worse, deep emotions broadcast out to people who may be fulfilling their rubber neck mentality by reading them (oh, ain’t it awful!!).


35 years ago, I had no clue what a computer was. I had no phone in my first several apartments. Long distance required saving up lots of change and standing in a booth. I wrote letters (and received letters back!). I met people through friends and by happenstance. I suspect it was much easier for the angels to help us out back then. There weren’t so many ways around finding the right path. There weren’t so many distractions.


I used to keep a paper journal. It was private, nobody read it. I had a sister-in-law who also wrote in a journal every day. I had no knowledge of what she wrote. I once made a promise to her that if anything ever happened to her, I would get her journals before anyone else in her family did. I think about Anne Frank, and how different her world would have been if she wrote her diary on Face Book or LJ, or Twitter (still in the attic!).


I went to a spiritual conference the other day. I was uplifted. I was satisfied. I bought a bunch of books. I basked in the presence of 17,000 other people who came together to hear the speakers. So much more to say…. it sparked me to contemplate some actions in my life. Being responsible, keeping my own commitments to myself. Being more loving. That is what those conferences should do.


S and I have been married for a month and a half. The friends and family who came to visit are what made it perfect. We worked hard to have it be a low stress event and we mostly succeeded. Life is good. We have picked 2 of the 3 wine varietals we will be making into wine this fall. The Pinot Gris and the Chardonnay are looking wonderful, and even taste like wine! We’ll be picking the Cabernet in the next few weeks. S is making plans for a winery in the old barn.


I went to see my niece in Marina Del Ray over Labor Day week-end and held her 2 week old son in my arms for almost 2 hours, and I could have done that for another few days. There is nothing like a dose of baby to calm the soul.


I am going to Virginia in 2 weeks for 10 days. I am excited and happy to be going. I miss the people I know who live there. I haven’t called it home for several years, but it was where I spent most of my life. I am attending a wedding of a young man I have known all his life. That is special. I am also spending time with family and friends, relaxing and having fun doing things like eating crabs, shopping with my daughter, and having deep philosophical discussions. Well, maybe not that but definitely crabs and shopping.





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