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So much has happened in so short a time...

The wedding is August 1st and will be held at the house with family and a few friends, very small, except for the big family part- 3 of my 4 sisters will be there, 2 husbands, 3 nieces and nephews, my 3 children with 2 significant others, saltydognh 's son and his gf, his sister and her the 2 grandchildren.  That is 19, and there may be a chance that my 4th sister will make it. It is always special when all 5 of us can get together. Last year we were all at our uncle's 50th anniversary celebration together.

It will be a simple affair at our home and will be totally catered by treasured friends. sophiebythesea  is helping with appetizers, another friend who is a chef is cooking the main meal, and  jobethfun67 is making the cake. It will be a lovely day. A couple of months ago, we went to a wine sale at our favorite local winery and bought several cases of wine.
Last July, we embarked on a project to make the living area around the pool more comfortable. The pool was surrounded by a 30 year old rickety redwood fence. Our first project in the list was to make the spa part of the pool two inches higher, since we are tall people. This involved concrete, tile and lots of very heavy trowel work. The projects have been non-stop since. Last week-end we poured the last of the concrete for phase 1- the changing room. So now we have a beatiful outdoor living space with kitchen, including a grill and an awesome smoker with a vented hood and adjustable lighting, a grey water sink in a hand poured concrete counter top, a full size side by side refrigerator freezer, surrounded by brand new 6 foot redwood fencing and covered by 3 pergolas. Every day, I feel so blessed to be able to go home to that kind of peaceful sanctuary, and look around with pride at all of our work. We have done lots of other projects as well, added 30 vines to the vineyard, planted this year's garden, replaced most of the windows in the house, and actually had some time to work on the boat!
We have both been working on having better health. I have lost 22 pounds since January, ultimately want to lose about 30 more. This has decreased the pressure on my knee tremendously- my goal is to not have surgery as long as I can manage the pain, etc. Also, acupuncture and an occasional cortisone shot have made me able to do most of the tasks I need to do. There are a few things I cannot do- walk long distances, run, bike, hike....BUT I can sail, swim, garden and do many other activities as long as I don't overdo the standing/ walking. Yesterday, we joined the local swim center/gym and I started swimming again. S has been getting up every morning and walking and has been also watching his diet. We are going to be a couple of healthy old folks!!
I am not sure if you all know this, but I read LJ every day. You might think I am not logging in because I don't post, or reply very much. But I am grateful that some of you post a lot. Even if I don't know you well, it sure makes me feel closer to you, and it feels like I have a connected web here.  Hope you are all having a great day!
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