lightheart_7 (lightheart_7) wrote,

Going home again

Last night after 2 flights which were eventful for only the last 5 terrifying minutes, I landed safely at Dulles. My daughter was waiting for me, and we spent the evening sharing a nice bottle of pinot grigio before turning in for the night.

This morning, I dropped her off at work at Tyson's Corner. That is when the memories started....I remember when Tyson's Corner was an intersection. They built the original Tyson's Corner Mall when I was a teenager. It is now a bustling area with numerous shopping 'centers' and lots of businesses.

I then headed towards Annapolis to meet a friend for lunch. Grateful Dead on the iphone. There is evidence of change everywhere. The interchange at Springfield is still not completed. But it is getting there, and very different. Then I noticed houses on the right side between Springfield and Van Dorn St, BIG houses built almost up to the highway. Lots of road work between Springfield and the Wilson Bridge. Then Wilson Bridge itself! On the left side there was a huge glass wall, not sure what that was about, but it was striking! As I crossed the bridge, there was a huge building area across the water on the right, "National Harbor", hmmmm I remember a petting zoo there- I took my kids there when they were small.

Continuing around the beltway to Route 50, I felt a sense of peace with change. The fall leaves are lovely. I had waves and waves of memories of driving those roads, different places, different times. All part of the flow of life. A subtle melancholy. You can go home again, but it changes along with everything else. And home? That is in California.
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