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Looking forward

Looking forward to a trip: In 2 weeks I am going to VA to visit friends and family. I really miss seeing Amy and Matt and being able to drop by and see friends. We're making new friends here in California, so me missing my Virginia friends has been fading a little. Until last night. I was cleaning out an 'office box' to get ready for a new house guest, and I found a pile of greeting cards. At first, I thought it was a blank pile of cards (I am famous for buying cards and never sending them), but it wasn't. It was the cards I received for my 50th birthday. The first card on the pile was from my friend Pattie. What she wrote brought tears to my eyes and made me miss her so acutely that I had to stop organizing and just sit for a while. She wrote (paraphrasing because I don't have the card in front of me)" you are my best friend and I am grateful to have you in my life- I am looking forward to our geezer years and laughing together". I was looking forward to that too. (sigh) There is a hole in my world where she is supposed to be.
Looking forward to a celebration:We have set a definite date, time and place for our wedding. We will be getting married on August 1st (Lammas/ Lughnasadh)2009, at our home at 5:00 pst. It will be a happy, low-key celebration of connection and abundance.
Looking forward to more fun travel: We have planned a couple of trips for next year. We'll be going to France in May, a couple of days in Paris and then a week on the French coast in a friend's villa near Marseille. This may end up being our 'honeymoon'. We also have a trip planned to Phoenix, and may also be going to New England to visit friends and family there. 

 Looking forward to making our home better: We are doing several projects around the house to make it more comfortable. Last week-end S and N put a sliding glass door from the living room out to the back where there previously was only a window. This is the second door we have put in the house, totally changing the flow of energy in the house. The first door we put in was in our bedroom, making a door out to the pool area. We are also building a series of pergolas for shade around the back of the house and pool. It is going to be beautiful (after the dust clears).

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