lightheart_7 (lightheart_7) wrote,

5 weeks

 It has been 5 weeks since my last post. I read people's posts every day, I even comment sometimes. It makes me feel as though I am connected with people. Some days I even read journals of people I don't even know. So, I suppose I feel a little guilty, like I am holding back, not giving up the goods and allowing my friends to have the same connection to me.

The last week and a half I have had company. Two of my nieces, my daughter Amy and her new boyfriend. One of my nieces is still here until next week, and a friend I have had since I was 15 will be coming this week-end. She lives in Northern California, has been there for over 30 years. I had thought we would see each other a little more when I moved here, but the drive is about 6 hours, so it isn't that much closer than a plane ride, after all. So this is only the second time I have seen her. We drove up to spend Thanksgiving with her and her family in November. Hopefully, we can make it happen a little more often as we get more settled.

I love having company. Sitting around a table with a glass of wine and a good story- it really doesn't get any better than that. 

After a couple of lovely hours of sailing on the bay, we had several of our new friends over on the 4th for a traditional American cook-out. Hamburgers, hot dogs, etc. 

We have a sailboat race on Saturday out on the bay this coming week-end. Then next week, my son Noah and his 2 kids are coming. I am very excited to see the kids, it has been a year. A year is a long time in the lives of kids. Last time I saw them I had just lost my friend Pattie, and I wasn't good company for them. I hope I can show them a wonderful time in San Francisco and the surrounding area, and give them a fresh set of good memories.

I am starting to settle into my new life. Sometimes it doesn't feel like it fits, but other times I am right at home.
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