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Saturday we went to one of the local wood stores and bought supplies to build a cabinet in the bedroom that will be a built in under the window. The top of the cabinet will be part of the window sill. We bought maple plywood for the 'box' of the cabinet and internal structure, and maple boards for the front, drawer fronts and doors. We spent a lot of time cleaning and organizing the shop. It feels so good to be woodworking again! I even bought a block of wood to turn on the lathe.
We learned that we need to find a wood source that doesn't have each board in "finished" form, part of the fun for us is taking raw wood and making beautiful things. Plus, the finished wood with a bar code on each piece is MUCH more expensive than wood from a mill. 
Yesterday, a friend and her daughter came over, I played and splashed in the pool, had fun. We cooked some chicken on the grill and made a big salad with fresh lettuce from the garden. Yum!

Today, I had my last physical therapy appointment. I have done pretty well. My knee is slowly regaining strength, but I still feel a huge difference between my right and left legs. The trick is to continue to work at it. I have been able to be up and on my feet a lot more in the past 2-3 weeks, so my outlook is improving just with the ability to be more active. I have a little cart that I can sit on and weed in the garden, so I am not trying to bend over from the waist. Squatting will probably come back later on. I am heartened by the progress.

Last week we traveled to Georgia for my uncle's 50th wedding anniversary. I went a few days early to have more time with my family. It was great to see my sisters, and some of their children. My son Noah came up from Florida without family, so we were able to spend some quality time together. There were cousins and distant relatives that I rarely see. It was quite an evening. Sunday morning we all got together at my uncle's home for a catered brunch. It was a wonderful celebration. But by Sunday afternoon, we were happy to head home to the kitties, and the peace and quiet at home. 

I am glad I managed to get a second post in within a month of the last one!! That is an improvement!
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