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I have been wishing that the world would slow down a little bit, just to let me catch my breath and try to catch up a little. 

We got the keys to our new house on September 22, and have been working at the house getting ready for moving practically every day. We did take 2 days off to socialize while Kelley visited from Florida. She was also a great help in helping with painting and general companionship while S has been on the east coast. The big move is Oct 13...YAY!!!!  Meanwhile, last Thursday, someone took some things out of our truck parked right in the driveway. This has highlighted the fact that we have to be more security conscious, even though we are moving out to a rural area. It makes me angry, but that is the way of the world, some people cannot be trusted.

S had a business trip to the company plant in Maine, and took the opportunity to do several things at the house in NH. He is planning to take it off the market until spring, and hope the market improves a bit. 

The new job is really great, I love what I am doing, and I am learning quite a lot about the technical stuff as well as my ability to trust my intuition about people. 

We are very excited about our future together, and settling in here. We hope to have some sailing time as well as social time. I am looking forward to entertaining at the new house, and having friends come to visit. Matt and Tabby are coming to visit next week, and Carl and Elise will be here for New Year's, as well as Amy for her second visit. Life is good, it is just moving awfully fast...

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