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Ok, so, its a lovely Sunday, I spent some time puttering around (yeah, ok, too much time)packing, doing laundry, loading the map for GA in my new handheld GPS so I won't get lost, and suddenly its time to leave...

....I had to spend 20 minutes trying to find the one pair of shoes that I REALLY wanted to wear, but had to settle for another pair, so I was frazzled.

BUT, since I had spent some time organizing my client files on Thursday, printing maps for directions, etc. I was confident I could grab the West Georgia file and head out the door...Well, I looked in the file folder area in the office, all labelled, EXCEPT for West GA- NO file, BUT, no worry, i have been there before, had my new GPS, my computer laptop GPS, and it would be still be light out when I got to Georgia, with plenty of time to enjoy a scenic drive south.

So, I arrive at the airport for my 4:10 flight at 3:15, and proceed to get in line at Delta, who doesn't have a computer check-in at Manchester airport (note to self- fly USAir). As I got to the head of the line, the skycap from the front of the airport, pushes by me with a FULL luggage cart, followed by 6 people, who proceeded to stand at the ticket counter and one-by-one get their seat assignments, ask numerous (stupid)questions and s l o w l y put their bags on the counter to be checked. There were 4 people working behind the counter, all "looking" busy, but only one actually helping the customers. Well, not to worry...plenty of time...

Finally, at 3:40, I have my turn to get my boarding, not checking luggage....and find out I am in an aisle seat...ok, ok not too terrible, at least I am in boarding group #1. So, I mosey through security (no issues for a change) and walk directly on the plane and into my seat. The plane loads up, I call home and say I'm off, and wait. And wait, and wait.

Eventually the captain comes on the intercom and tells us there WAS a water leak in one of the galleys but it has been repaired, but FAA regulations require that a mechanic sign off on the repair. So, we wait and wait some more for the mechanic to come. Finally the mechanic saunters aboard, jokes arund with the flight attendants, signs a clipboard, and deplanes...ok good lets go!!

Next thing you know, the captain tells us we have lost our opportunity to land in Atlanta, as they have storms in the region and have banned incoming flights, please relax, feel free to use personal electronic equipment, he will let us know as soon as he has an update. Ok, so, I reach into my purse...damn! forgot my reading glasses, no worry, will have plenty of time in LaGrange to pick up a pair of reading glasses on my way to the hotel. So, I fired up the laptop and proceeded to continue the organization process on the computer, figuring out the best way to store files, sorting, etc. Meanwhile, its getting hotter and hotter in the plane, all the vents are wide open, but not enough cool air for a planeful of people in 90 degree heat.

The captain comes back on the intercom and allows people to leave the plane...NEVER a good sign when they let you get off the plane, but I am comfortable with the laptop, getting some things done, so I stay aboard. After a while...time seems to be sort of suspended at times like this, I remember the captain saying Atlanta has cleared us, but that now we couldn't take off due to local storms...and yes, indeed, there was a huge thunderstorm passing through. So we waited...

Later, much later, those that left the3 plane finally get aboard and the captain announces that we have been cleared to take off, something about a flight plan and taking longer, but ok, at least we are taking off. People around me are grumbling about missed connections...tension is high, the plane is sauna-like, and now my laptop is out of batteries. So, I send Sheldon a text message or two as know "still waiting to tale off" kind of stuff.

Ok, so now, we are actually headed out to the runway. Looks like we will finally take off!! The captain gets on the intercom once again and lets us know in that calm, soothing voice that, although we will be taking off, we must wait an additional 8 minutes. A group groan probably could have been heard in the terminal from the plane. But hey, whats another 8 minutes after 2 1/2 hours?

to be continued...
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