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We spent the week-end at
Yosemite National Park. It was amazing! REALLY amazing!!! Ansel Adams did it some small photographic justice, but there is nothing like seeing it in person. I must have said "OH MY GOD!!!" about a million times.

We hiked through some big groves of trees, a mix of sequoia, redwood and big pines. We discussed the difference between redwoods and sequoias, something I will research more so that I can at least identify what I am looking at. The birds and general foliage are quite different here than on the east coast.

For lunch, we went to the Ahwahnee Hotel. Awesome!!!  

The afternoon was spent discovering one magnificent vista after another on our way to Mono Lake with it's eerie rock formations, and the "No Trespassing- Property of the City of Los Angeles" signs around it. The quest for water and the way that water rights were obtained all throughout California is an interesting study in itself.

Meanwhile, we have been caught up in the mortgage credit crunch. We have a contract on a home, but it is looking more and more like we will have to wait for things to settle down in the credit world. Having the NH house sold would help a lot, but the buyers we had there are looking skittish. So, it is up in the air, and we won't know until we know...not a pleasant way to be, but it is where we are.

Lioness is in the water, with new rigging and some of the varnish done. We have her in a slip, quite different than the mooring we had in Portsmouth. We are currently in a marina that has lots of "live-aboards", the atmosphere is very different than what we have seen in the east.

I started work last week, and I am already very busy. I am working as a senior clinical systems analyst, in charge of helping implement new clinical systems as well as helping with the ones already in place. I will be functioning as the "on-call" analyst once every 8 weeks or so, so I will have to learn most of the systems in order to troubleshoot issues that may arise. It will be challenging, as I do not consider myself particularly technical. Fortunately there is also a technical person on-call, so I will be able to rely on them for that piece. 

There has been so much else going on, it is an all new way of life here on the left coast. Interesting and exciting.
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