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Been a while...

We have been very busy, getting ready to move to California. Lots of details, lots of work. Getting rid of stuff, packing personal possessions, finding and renting (sight unseen) an apartment, getting the house ready to sell....saying good-bye to friends here. Helping Carl make the transition to being on his own. Winding down our jobs here. Most of the details have been taken care of by S, he is amazing.

The movers are coming in 2 weeks. I have a ticket to meet them out there in 3 weeks. I will also interview for a possible job with UCSF hospital while I am out there. I will stay about a week, get the apartment ready for us, then fly back to NH, where we will finish packing up the trailer and drive across the country with our shop tools (in the trailer) and the kitties (in the truck). As soon as we get out there, S will start work at his new company, and I will fly back to Virginia to visit with family. I will get a chance to see 2 of my sisters and  all of my children and grandchildren. I will also see as many  friends as I can.

We traded my New England car for a California car...a Porsche Boxster. I never knew driving could be so fun!! Part of the purchase of the car was shipping it, so one more detail solved. We have managed to eke out some time to just enjoy driving around in the new car and enjoying the beautiful weather.

Lots of anxiety, but mostly good anticipation.
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