lightheart_7 (lightheart_7) wrote,


It looks like we will be moving to California this summer. We will know for sure within the next week, but right now it is looking 95% sure we will be in the Santa Clara area. After weighing pros and cons of this move, we are comfortable that it is the right thing for us to do, both in the short and long term. (S even made a spreadsheet!!!)

I have applied for a couple of positions with a much better response than I expected, so it looks like we can live in that crazy housing market without giving up stuff like eating.

I have a mixture of anxiety and excitement, it is hard to tell which is operating at any particular moment, but I have been having trouble sleeping and thus having trouble focusing coherently during the day. My mind is whirling at the "newness" as well as the large amount of stuff to get done prior to moving. Lists....

The scenario so far looks like we will be caravaning out with various vehicles, trailers, shop tools, personal belongings and cats the first week of July. Meanwhile, pack up the rest, get the house on the market , find a job (including trips out west for interviews), a place to live temporarily out there, etc etc etc, not the least of which is arranging for Lioness to be transported. 
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