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A busy time.

Last week, I spent the week-end with my family and friends in Virginia. I was able to have some quality time with old friends, two of my adult children, three of my sisters, many nieces and nephews, and also meet the new baby born in November to my niece. We walked every day, mornings to Starbucks for coffee, afternoons with the baby in the stroller. Spring is about 3 to 4 weeks farther along in Virginia, as I left snow on the ground in NH as I drove south for the visit. 

This past week-end, we drove to Montreal for a get away. We went out both nights, and spent Saturday walking in the city, shopping, and went to the island where the Expo 67 remains are located. The large geodesic dome that was the American pavilion had burned down, leaving only the ribs of the dome (still pretty impressive) and inside of the space there is now a "biosphere". Most of the other pavilions have been torn down, some vestiges of gardens, small monuments and landscaping remain. The whole area has been blocked off for pedestrians, bicycles, skating. A lovely place. One of the pavilions has been turned into the Casino Montreal- we walked through it, but I had no desire to try my luck that day. We walked back towards the city past the "Habitat 67" a still quite futuristic structure of apartments that look like a pile of blocks arranged artfully. It turns out that S had gone to the Expo 67 with his family, and really remembered quite a lot of what it was like back then.

Sunday morning, we awoke to a car alarm that shut off quite quickly, it turns out it must have been my car because my palm Ique GPS was gone. :(

When we got back in the area, we stopped and bought a new palm, now to get it set up to connect to the GPS via blue tooth for our next upcoming trip.

S has many irons in the fire job-wise. He has interviews in Maine, California, Texas and Pennsylvania in various stages. I am fighting anxiety about where we will end up, and working on trusting that the universe will land us where we need to be. This has been the most difficult part for me, as I have never had quite this level of anxiety in my life before. He hopes to have made a job decision by the beginning of May, so we will be able to make concrete future plans.

We are traveling again to the DC area this coming week-end to vend for a friend, and also to celebrate Sheldon's birthday. Hopefully it will be another low key and relaxing week-end.
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