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Living with an ADHD Engineer

The following is a fictional conversation. Any resemblance to real life is absolutely deliberate.



Me: I think we need somewhere to hang our coats.


Him: We can build a closet.


Me: Well…


Him: Yes, it can be out back through the kitchen wall , and we can make pocket doors, and the whole thing can be cantilevered over the swimming pool.


Me: Swimming pool??


Him: YES!! And when the doors close, the whole thing would be hidden in the wall behind the waterfall. It would be EASY!!!



Me: Waterfall?


Him: YES!! And the water will trickle down, and it can pass through a solar collector on the way down and be recirculated through the pool filter.


Me: Solar Collector??


Him: And then we can have breakfast!!


Me: Couldn’t we just put a couple of hooks by the back door?

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