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Autumn in New England

Lots of things have been happening here.

Job search:

Job search: I had about 14 hours of interviews for a Director position at a hospital in Manchester. The response from everyone was pretty overwhelmingly positive, including the CIO that would be the person I report to. The one person I had difficulty reading was the CFO.

It turns out that 'someone' (according to HR) wants to see if other candidates have more business experience (vs.clinical) and will wait to interview those other (so far non-existent) candidates to see if there is a better fit. (as an aside, 2 other companies have declined to interview me because my clinical experience is not current...blah)

Which didn't annoy or upset me. I got back to the reason I quit my travel job in the first place....because I want to be home, and I want to have more quality time with S, and I want to have time to pursue other interests. Taking a Director role would probably put me back into workaholic mode, and would not accomplish the time I am looking for.

I spent Monday morning filling out some on-line applications, and have one interview set up for next Tuesday for a full time position (NOT at the Director level), and have a call from another hospital for on call positions.

DC: We are driving to Virginia tomorrow to attend the wedding of the son of my good friends Mike and Pattie. I have known Mike and Pattie since I was about 15. They are the godparents of my son Noah, and their 3 boys grew up with my Amy and Matt. Pattie is the kind of person who naturally keeps in touch with people. I have always known what is happening to many of my high school friends through her, and they will all be there Saturday, including my ex-husband, George. It will be interesting for S to meet people I have known for so many years.

We figure if the wedding/party/socializing gets too tedious, we can go to DC to the Crucible for BR night. We are flying home Sunday, leaving our vehicle with Matt for the week, then flying BACK the following week-end for the LF&P, where I hope to see other old friends. Also, we will get some vending ideas for BR.

Paddles: We have been chosen as vendors for BR, so we are going into big time production mode. Our process is getting better, we have 3 sets of samples to send out to various people for feedback. Of course, I definitely enjoy being pretty much the sole paddle "testee" at this point. Who would have thought I would like paddles so much (now that I think about it, probably pretty much anyone that knows me.....)? Well....I don't actually 'like' them, it is more like a love/hate relationship, but after I really really *hate* them, I really really *love* the residual endorphins. Go figure...

Other: I have been doing lots of reading, mostly on-line. I read LJ pretty avidly, I will read an entry from my friends list, then click on someone's comment and read that LJ, etc. I have also been doing a lot of reading on, mostly reading active topics. I also read the various meditative and "deep thoughts" kind of e-mails I get daily, and actually taking time to think through each one.

I have been meditating on trust. Part of how I view myself as a submissive is that I not only trust that the universe will bring me what I need for my highest good, but that the Ds bond I have with Sheldon is also leading to my highest good. On a different level, my trust has been shaken, so I have been working within to reconcile my spirit's belief that the universe is all happening to awaken my highest purpose with the life evidence that my ego interprets as a breach of trust. Relationships are hard. Intense communication and really knowing each other through heart, spirit, mind and body is the only way to pull it all together. And wanting to.

Tuesday was the last sail of the season. S will take his work-mates out on next Monday for a team building cruise, and we may go out next week for an evening or 2 if the weather is good. Lioness will be pulled out of the water on the 25th, and brought home so we can do some heavy duty work on her this winter. Next year, we have some very big trips planned.
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