lightheart_7 (lightheart_7) wrote,

Frat Party

Well, life tends to get full and you never get around to doing some things...

So, I finally went to my very first ever fraternity party over the week-end. well, well, well.....lots of guys between the ages of 18 and 22, lots of drinking, and surprisingly intense camaraderie.

We spent lots of time in observation and energetic support of several of the brothers.

I was able to relive memories through Sheldon's eyes....which produced a nostalgia in me for something that I had never experienced first hand (life getting full and all)...and also made me feel immensely connected to him.

We saw a VERY interesting basket at an antique shop, used to transport bodies out of the home to the funeral parlor, made of wicker with leather straps...wish I had room in my car to take it home...

All in all- a great week-end- picked up my new car, celebrated his birthday, saw the inside of a fraternity house, and drank enough to last a long while...
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