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Unemployed week 2

Much has been happening since I stopped working.
My official last day was the 25th, but that day was a vacation day. I spent my last week of work doing some connecting with my remaining clients and cleaning my personal stuff off my work computer so I could send it back.

Friday, we took Lioness to Marblehead for the PHRF New England races, there were 4 boats from Portsmouth traveling together all day (8-9 hours). It was rainy and dreary. Had a great racing week-end, with very little crew. Saturday we had S, myself and 3 other women. Kathleen worked the deck, and Ashleigh and I worked the genoa and other sail trim. Another woman (Laurie) came and sat on the stern and threw up all day, and wished that the day would be over. Poor girl suffered through 3 races. Sunday, it was just S, Kathleen and me. We had a lot of wind, took a reef in the mainsail, and kept the genoa partially furled. We decided to wait to go home on Monday or Tuesday after the weather cleared.

When I got home on Sunday, I had an e-mail from a friend who was in need of some help. After discussion with S, I got on a plane Monday. My first week of no travel, and I got on a plane. Amusing.

I got home on Wednesday evening, and had a second interview in Manchester all day Thursday. The interview went well, and I have been asked back today from 9 am- 2 pm. My potential new boss has told me that I should expect an offer as long as my references are good. I am sure it will go well.

I have been keeping myself awake coughing, I have been coming down with a cold since Friday, bleah.

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