lightheart_7 (lightheart_7) wrote,

Unemployed!! Sailing and other stuff

Well, last week on Monday I gave 2 weeks notice, and due to already approved vacation this Friday, I only have 3 more days of working for my current company.

Weird stuff, a lot of the things I sensed about the people I work with have been reinforced by their behaviors since my resignation. For instance, my boss, who never called me and never followed up with me on any issues, has not called or followed up on my resignation. Even to the point that she has not announced it to my colleagues.

The operations person is her typical bitchy self. Terse, bordering on unfriendly e-mails. I will not be unhappy to be away from all of that. Mostly I am glad to be off the road. We have some trips upcoming, but they will be fun, relaxing trips.

This upcoming week-end will be another fun sailing week-end, we have sailed the past 2 week-ends up in Maine (Monhegan- Seguin Island race- 2nd place, MS Regatta- 3rd place). last week S told me that he would like me to "skipper" the boat home from Maine...haha...kidding, right? Well, noooo, not kidding.

After overcoming the terror, I was able to actually relax (a little) (very little), and get the boat from Portland to Portsmouth. I have a new sense of confidence, and was able to sail some, but mostly motored due to heading straight into the wind- we had some ability to sail the last hour or so, even got up to 7.5 knots a time or two, very fun. S got to read a book, and twitched at the inactivity (a little), but was supportive and did not coach.

The mooring was a mess, so I absolutely needed his help with that. Sherril was helpful, a good companion and pleasant.
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