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I am starting to have trouble being away from him, I would not have guessed that I would meet someone that would make me want to be in one place. Of course that place is wherever he is....

I am not sure how to maintain the connection while I am away. In many ways I feel him, we talk often, but i fear a chasm....I don't know how to keep it as strong as if we were in the same room....and is that even realistic?

If I stop traveling, there are lots of ramifications with the job, which requires lots of travel.... I need to sit with my options and see what fits. If I lookfor a new job, is there a good fit out there for a job that won't consume me and give me the freedom I have had with this job?...hopefully an answer will come..

I guess I fear being in the way in his life, although, somehow I feel he needs the space without me there. Perhaps that is my answer, at least until another one surfaces.

Home tomorrow to celebrate his birthday, want to make it as special for him as I can.

It has been a long week. Florida has been perfect weather-wise, but the clients have been difficult, and I miss his presence next to me at night.
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